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  Why Netsential?

Content Management - Website Developer is an Application Service Provider (ASP) and a web enabler, providing content management software applications over the Internet to empower staff of small to large businesses and associations. As an ASP, Netsential hosts and manages the applications from its facilities and coordinates ongoing support, maintenance, and upgrades of the applications while avoiding a significant upfront financial commitment for equipment and software development.

Netsential takes the labor-intensive, and in many cases cost-prohibitive process of creating and maintaining effective commercial websites and gives companies the ability to quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively differentiate themselves from competitors. As long as a person can type, he/she can use Netsential's software to build, maintain, change, and update the company's website. The product can be demonstrated and the benefits can be observed immediately.  Also, since the program is browser based, it virtually doesn't matter how old the client's computer is-the software is accessible.

Enhancements and upgrades are maintained and distributed through a proprietary "code-generating" engine that constantly upgrades the client's website software without additional deployment costs or disruption to the businesses. Companies can immediately take advantage of upgrades; the application is updated to the latest version every time it is accessed. More importantly, Netsential's software applications (tools) have evolved to become powerful mechanisms that provide day-to-day functionality and empower corporations' existing staff to build and manage the companies' web businesses, improve timeliness, and maintain content changes without the need of outsourced web publishers.

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